If we’ve worked together before, you might know that my favorite wardrobe recommendation is to incorporate texture in your fabrics. But did you know I’m also slightly obsessed with texture when it comes to your photo prints and products? Keep reading for a few insights on choosing the best textures for displaying your photos at home. 

Just the prints: lustre vs. matte

Each and every print I send your way will have a lustre or matte coating on it, depending on which finish you choose. Why? In addition to enhancing the vibe and aesthetic of your photo, spray-coating your prints offers an extra layer of durability and protection against fingerprints, dust, and general wear & tear, ensuring your masterfully-captured family moments remain vivid and pristine for years. If you’re unsure of which finish is the best fit for you, keep reading — all the goods are included below.

Lustre Finish photographic prints

Best for: vibrant, colorful, high-energy moments

Lustre Finish Qualities:
  1. Vibrant Depth: Luster finish adds a subtle sheen that enhances color vibrancy, bringing out the lively and dynamic aspects of high-energy, playful moments
  2. Enhanced Detail: The gentle reflective quality of luster prints can accentuate details, helping your photos feel more “alive” and resonant with energy
  3. High Dynamic Range: Luster finish is particularly effective in showcasing a wide dynamic range, making it well-suited for images with a mix of shadows and highlights.

Matte Finish Photographic Prints

Best for: Muted color palettes, black-and-white photos, “calmer” moments

Matte Finish Qualities:
  1. Reduced Glare: Matte finish adds a sophisticated touch to your portraits, minimizing reflections and drawing the viewer in to focus on the emotions present in the image
  2. Texture Emphasis: The absence of a glossy sheen enhances the tactile feel of matte-coated images, creating a more intimate viewing experience
  3. Subdued colors: Matte finishes lend themselves well to a softer, more muted color palette

Textures in Wall Art

Loose prints are great if you have frames already lined up, but when it comes to elevating your wall art game, you’ll want to consider one of the following mediums for your family photo masterpiece. Each one of these options will create stunning statement pieces to adorn your walls.

Canvas Prints

Best for: Muted color palettes, calm & quiet moments

Canvas Print Qualities:
  1. Textured Appeal: Canvas prints add a tactile quality, enhancing textures within your image
  2. Great for Galleries: Consider combining multiple canvases in matching dimensions to create a central statement piece for a larger wall
  3. Matte Finish Synergy: Canvas pairs well with the same types of photos discussed above for a matte finish (i.e., muted color palettes & calmer moments). Opting for a canvas print with these qualities will contribute to a classic and elegant aesthetic with your wall art.

Metal Prints

Best for: Colorful, vibrant, high-energy photos

Metal Print Qualities: 
  1. Modern Aesthetics: Metal prints bring a sleek, contemporary vibe, making them a great choice for infusing a modern touch into your photos
  2. Vibrant Colors: The reflective surface of metal enhances color saturation, making it perfect for high-energy photos with lots of personality
  3. Durability & Longevity: Metal prints are highly durable and resistant to fading, ensuring that your artwork will stand the test of time

Acrylic Prints

Best for: Displaying in high-humidity and/or well-lit areas

Acrylic Print Qualities:
  1. Depth & Dimension: The clear acrylic surface adds depth and dimension to photos, enhancing the visual impact of your image and bringing your moments to life
  2. Moisture-Resistant: The clear acrylic surface is moisture-resistant and easy to clean, making it well-suited for environments with varying humidity levels. Its durability ensures that it can withstand the conditions of these spaces while maintaining the vibrancy and integrity of your artwork.
  3. Luxurious Feel: The reflective quality of acrylic can create a luminous effect, especially in well-lit areas, amplifying the excitement and joy in your photos and contributing to an overall luxurious feel for your wall art.

Your home deserves to have your family’s story displayed in textures that resonate with your images and your vibe, creating a daily reminder of the love that fills your world. Ready to turn your authentic family moments into masterfully-captured artwork? Let's chat about adorning your walls with personalized photo masterpieces that reflect the beauty of your family's unique connection. Click below to book your call and get started!

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