capturing authentic moments - in-home twin cities newborn photography

I often have families ask me if their home is right for in-home newborn photos. A lot of people wonder if their house is too small or too dark for photos, or they don't like their decor, or whatever the perceived problem might be. I always assure them - your home, in whatever state it's in now, is your home - and that is where the storytelling element comes in (and this is everything!)

So, yes - of course you can get beautiful portraits in a studio, and they'll be seamless and beautiful and all the things. Studio portraits can do a great job painting a picture of perfection. But life with a newborn is not perfection - it's messy and hazy and cozy and unbelievably hard and unbelievably beautiful. Telling this story through in-home newborn photos as you welcome your new baby into your home is what I'm passionate about. In-home newborn photos bring a level of intimacy that can't be manufactured in a studio setting. As a documentary-inspired photographer, that is what my eye and my heart are drawn to - getting to the heart of your family's story, and hopefully bringing that out and showing it in your photos. Let's dive into this Twin Cities in-home newborn photography session for a little peek into the magic I'm talking about.

Maternity Session Magic

Real quick, let me plug this family's maternity session in Victoria, MN. I had the best time getting to know the family, learn some background about their story, and connect with Mom on all things related to pregnancy and the wild ride of raising these tiny humans. The family was awesome, Mom looked amazing, and the light was on point. One huge perk about booking a maternity and newborn photography package when Baby has older siblings is that they get to know and recognize their photographer before Baby's newborn session rolls around. When I come over for newborn photos, Baby's older siblings have already developed a level of comfortability with me (especially since my family photos are centered around play), and this tends to help with any potential clingy-ness or shyness that might otherwise pop up when I show up to meet the new baby.

a sweet beginning

It was clear at the maternity session that Big Brother was going to be an incredible helper when the baby arrived - and he didn't disappoint. As I walked into the house while everyone else was still preparing, he was there, cradling Baby Sister and radiating all the protective big brother vibes. Everybody kept telling him what a great help he was being by just sitting there and loving his sister - it was the exact energy I expected from him, and I so loved being able to capture that energy on camera.

the little big brother

The middle brother, on the other hand, has two-year-old energy written allll over him. As I always expect from younger siblings, he was all about being involved on his terms. In lifestyle photography sessions, toddlers have just as much say in the flow of things as the baby does. This is one of the reasons I absolutely love in-home newborn photography sessions with toddler-aged siblings. They get to dictate when they want to be involved, and if they're feeling a little too involved, we can usually get them to "help" by assigning little jobs they can do from outside the eye of the lens. There's also an extra layer of comfortability from toddlers when you book your newborn photos in your home, which allows them easier access to being their playful, authentic selves.

space, light, and equipment

I mentioned earlier that parents often worry about things like available space and available light in the home, and this family was no exception. Mom had called after Baby was born for a quick pep talk about how in-home newborn photos would work for them - and, as evidenced by the photos, there was no cause for concern.

As far as space, you really don't need much. I've done several newborn sessions in a single room. Good window light is a big plus - but it's not necessary by any means! I always bring supplemental lighting and sometimes it's needed for the entire session (which is totally fine - that's what it's there for!) A spacious master bed can help convey just how tiny your newborn is - but it's not necessary either. A good photographer will be able to work with your home as-is, and they'll have the knowledge for handling any low-light situations (and adding in a little extra light where it's needed).

Warm and Cozy

Here's a big shoutout to all the families who've heeded my advice about heating the house before the session. This family had their home at a toasty 80 degrees, even though it was a balmy near-90 degree day in September. The result? A content, peaceful baby who slept through the entire session. She woke up briefly for a little snack, which was right on schedule, and then she was back to sleepy baby vibes. Babies are used to having their own 98.6 degree incubator and are new to the 70-ish degree air we tend to surround ourselves with - so trust me when I say a warm home equals smoother sailing for your in-home newborn photography session.

In-home newborn photography brings out the magic that makes your story unique, and I'm beyond honored each and every time I get invited in to capture little slices of your family's story. If you have a little one on the way and aren't feeling sure about whether an in-home newborn session is right for you, send me a message so we can chat! If you're drawn toward the picture-perfect studio vibe, my approach might not be for you. But if you want to capture your story in a way that will add compounding elements of nostalgia each and every time you circle back to your little one's photos, I've got you covered.

Can't wait to hear from you!


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